Stephen Valletta, Martial Arts Instructor

Stephen Valletta

- Krav Maga Instructor since 2001 with thousands of hours of training and of teaching Civilians, Law Enforcement and Military.

- Nominated for Krav Maga Worldwide “Marni Levine Spirit Award” 2007.

- American Council On Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer since 2004

- NRA Certified Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home Instructor since 2009

- Former AZ Department of Public Safety “Firearms Safety Training for Concealed Weapons Permits” Instructor

- Certified Clinical Perfusionist Emeritus, having performed thousands of clinical procedures over 20 years, specializing in pediatric and neonatal cardiac surgical procedures.

- Former Oral Examiner for The American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

- Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver since 1989, logging dives with various animals, including Great White, Tiger, and Hammerhead sharks, Giant Mantas, Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks, Pacific Sailfish and many more

- Has been to an undersea depth of 1000 feet in a 3-man submersible 240 miles off the coast of Costa Rica

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