Event | Child Abduction Prevention Course in Chandler

Event | Child Abduction Prevention Course in Chandler

The ONE course every child and parent needs….

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare…to have your child “taken’ (abducted).

Regardless of how much we want to be there every minute of the day, truth is we cannot.

Predators know this.

Grit Fit Self Defense is hosting this workshop with COBRA Self Defense of East Valley, AZ.

This is the only law enforcement based course that trains ages 5-12 with age specific live reality based scenarios and educates parents on how to implement the most effective Child Abduction Prevention strategy in existence.

This session covers awareness skills, mindset, verbal, and physical skills to prevent a disaster.

We ask that parents participate with their child for best results as this is a complete education for both.

It teaches children how to respond in DANGEROUS situations with easy to learn, Law enforcement based principals.

*How to use their voice to draw attention
*How to use physical techniques, strikes, grabs, anchors

Subjects Covered: Vehicle abduction, Street abduction, Emergency Phone calls, Awareness, Describing attackers & loads more….

COST: $39 per child, Siblings $20 each

Booking is limited to 20 children so that each child can role play verbal and physical scenarios.

Click HERE to register and to get 25% off before 2/14/2020
25% Off Investment: $29.25 per child, Siblings $15 each


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