Event | Teen and College-Bound Young Ladies - Friday, July 19, 2019

Event | Teen and College-Bound Young Ladies - Friday, July 19, 2019


Your ambitions, drive and dreams are worth safeguarding!

Be prepared to gain an increased level of empowerment, confidence, and worthiness 

that will change the way you show up in your everyday life!

This workshop offers a safe, supportive, inspiring, and fun training environment where you can learn the most important, practical, instinctive and effective self-defense taught by a female instructor!

Empower yourself with the confidence and practical skills to create effective boundaries and to respond immediately to protect yourself in real life situations.

Key Topics Covered:
1. Critical aspects of the predator mindset and your mindset
2. Prevention Strategies: Situational awareness, avoidance, red flag warning signs
3. Verbal de-escalation and boundary settings
4. Physical self-defense skills and techniques
5. Fun and dynamic drills that incorporate all the new skills you have learned

Friday, July 19, 2019 @ 5:30pm - 8:00pm $45

Parents/Legal Guardians:
Parents are encouraged to stay and observe.

If under 18, parents/legal guardian must sign waiver for daughter to participate.

Inside of CV Fitness

2388 N Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

Disclaimer: This is a hands on physically active seminar, however you may go at your own pace and take breaks as needed. 

Age: Females 16-19 years old

Comfortable athletic clothing, a t-shirt and capri/long workout pants are highly recommended, instead of a tank top and shorts (or bring one to put over), we will be working on the ground some and this will protect your skin from rubbing on the mat
- athletic shoes

- no jewelry

- Water, towel for sweat

- Must have inhaler with you if you have asthma


There will be a $15 cancellation fee, the remainder of what you paid may go toward a regular membership, class pack or future workshop. (Or text/call Sarah at 602-904-0074 to transfer your registration to someone else.)

Instructors: Sarah Reed and Steve Valletta

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